BLACK ARON KENNEL uzgajivacnica

BLACK ARON KENNEL uzgajivacnica

BLACK ARON KENNEL uzgajivacnicaBLACK ARON KENNEL uzgajivacnicaBLACK ARON KENNEL uzgajivacnica

Zorica Veselinovic, Pančevo, Serbia


Additional Information

I'm Kresimir Kolumbic from Rijeka, Croatia. You can contact me via or via the contact form at the bottom of this page.

I've bought a Black Russian Terrier from mrs Zorica Veselinovic's Black Aron Kennel / Uzgajivacnica that is situated in Pancevo, Serbia. My poor experience with Zorica Veselinovic started fairly early. We named her "Moonie" but in the first paperwork she was named with a typo "Monie". Zorica V. first said that the name can not be changed, but has with some persuasion managed to get it fixed.

The tragic part of the story is that Moonie died 5 days after coming to Croatia. We picked her up in Slovenia on 12th January 2019. She was taken to "Veterinarska stanica Rijeka d.o.o" on 17th January 2019. after starting to appear unwell, and she died 30 minutes into the check up. The veterinarian at the facility said that if we brought her 5 days earlier she could have been saved. She shown signs of illness only on her last day.

I would have to point out that since the autopsy costs around 1,000 EUR we couldn't afford the procedure. So I can not with certainty blame Zorica V. for the death. I would point out that this is the second CRT that we were going to have. We already own a healthy CRT "Berta" that is 6 years old.

My first dog from Black Aron Kennel Uzgajivacnica

Past the death of "Moonie" I've spoken to Zorica Veselinovic and she offered herself to send us a new CRT that would be "the best puppy from the litter". We only had to pay again for the transport fees and pick her up in Slovenia.

The new puppy "Zola", after arriving to Croatia, shown extreme signs of fear and aggression. She was fearful and aggressive toward anyone that wasn't us. She was constantly, as a 3 month old puppy, snarling at every person she came in contact with and was actively trying to bite them. The same week of arrival she tried to bite a parent of my girlfriend when he came to meet her. After that it became clear to us that Zorica V. sent us her most problematic puppy to compensate us for the death of her initial puppy.

Furthermore, the puppy is noticeably below average size. You can see the picture of her with our other CRT "Berta" on the right sidebar. Berta was bought at another kennel in Serbia and is an amazing dog. Which is why we decided that we need to have another.

The new CRT "Zola" is now 1 year and 3 months old, and while she is doing much better socially, we still have problems with her fearfulness and aggression. 

My family has had dogs for our entire lives, along with almost all other possible animal species available on the planet, and often at the same time. We are not new to animals. We've never had a dog and certainly not a puppy that was this problematic. In that regard, we've had a new learning curve to commit to, to co-live with our new CRT.

Second CRT I was sent from Black Aron Kennel Uzgajivacnica


Point of Conflict

I've spoken with Zorica V. about the situation and she merely suggested extra care for the dog and she did not want to say if something at least by an accident happened to the puppy while it was in her kennel. I find it hard to believe that the puppy was abused in their kennel. Whether someone accidentally hit or mistreated her I will never know. Zorica V. was always guiding the story toward some dogs just being like that from birth, which isn't exactly how they biologically function. Something had to have happened and she was being dismissive, unhelpful and finally rude to the extreme, accusing us of mistreating the dog. The problem is that we've received the puppy as such.

After seeing that our CRT is growing to be a much smaller CRT by their standards, I've contacted Zorica Veselinovic again via her Facebook and pleaded for her honesty to at least tell us what we are dealing with. She told me to stop contacting her and that she never had someone complain about the dogs as much. Even though clearly one of her dogs died and the second one was unusually problematic. The last time I spoke with her was around 8 months ago and this was the 3rd time that I've asked her about the problems we've been having with CRT "Zola".

Due to her dismissivness, insincerity and finally rudeness, I've decided to make this web site to explain the situation to any other of her potential buyers. Have no doubts that this certainly is my way of returning the favor for the treatment we've had as her clients. I will need to live with the dog she sent us for the next 15 years.

My Conversation with Zorica V.

You can find our entire Facebook conversation, in Croatian/Serbian, by clicking on the button below. Note: I've downloaded my Facebook Message Page so you'll need to unpack the RAR in any folder and open the HTML file inside.


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Black Aron Uzgajivacnica / Kennel Loše Iskustvo

Pančevo-grad, Južnobanatski upravni okrug, Serbia

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